Forget about paper towels and use People Towels™ when you are on the go

Do you remember those towel machines from public bathrooms that the towel would go through the machine in a loop?  You had to pull it through the feeder to get a "fresh" spot to dry your hands on.
Although that seemed like a good idea, I don't see those anymore in public restrooms. Maybe the germ police said a big "no" to that type of hand drying. There wasn't any paper towel waste or hand drying machines to service, just the simple loop of a towel.

An alternative to public restroom/washrooms is People Towels™. They are reusable, personal hand towels that you carry with you throughout the day. When you wash your hands away from home use people towels.  They are made with organic cotton and Eco friendly dyes. They towels are available in neat patterns and designs.  One towel is a two day supply. Then toss it in to your laundry and reuse the next day.
towel with sack to carry with you

Switch to People Towels for a year and guess what? From not using paper towels to dry your hands,
you will save 1/4 of a tree
reduce landfill waste by 23 pounds-that's a lot of paper towels just from hand drying
conserve 250 gallons of waters
cut carbon emissions by 34 pounds

The movement of carrying your own shopping bag is catching on, so why not try carrying your own towel?  It is easy to pack this personal hand towel in your bag, purse, or even your pocket.  Use the Eco-sac to keep it from getting other items damp.

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People Towels are sold in stores such as Whole Foods, The Container Store ( I bought a few here at Christmas time), and online at  Not only do People towels reduce waste, they are a member of 1% for the planet and support other non-profit groups.

Hope to see you soon carrying your People Towel!

Disclosure: I received a two day supply and an Eco sack as a People Towel Ambassador. The comments and views are my own.

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