Game on with Ohanarama! You gotta play this one!

You know that excitement of "we are going to grandmas house", kids know that special feeling of visiting relatives. The smells of a home cooked dinner coming from the kitchen, the tick tock of the Grandfather clock, and the different rooms of your childhood house for your own children  to explore. But how often do  extended families interact these days?

Have you  moved away from your extended family? Chances are you only see your relatives a few times a year at the busy holiday season. How do you find some quality time for your children to interact with the family?  Children can learn so many traditions and values from Grandparents. If you live far away or even down the street our lives are busy!

Ohanarama is a safe social network for families to play together online. Grandparents, Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins can connect, learn and play together with Ohanarama. If you live far away from loved ones, or even the family living in your own house you can all play Ohanarama games.   The word Ohanarama means family in Hawaiian.  It's such a fun word!

When you visit  parents can set up their family's  account. You can invite immediate and extended families to join the secure, private, family network. Ohanarama is a FREE site to use, and you earn reward points as you play. The reward points can be redeemed for real prizes.  It is easy to get started. Just visit the site and off you go.

Ohanarama is so cool and colorful. It is really neat.  I love the games and graphics. You can play along with your kids at home or if you are traveling.  It's educational, fun, family games, and contests.  Get the whole family playing and learning.

Ohanarama is led by technology veterans and backed by some awesome investors such as Guitar Hero's founder.  And Ohanarama is co-founded by a  Philadelphia , Pennsylvania Mom, Jan Hoffer.  It's nice to know a Mom is behind this neat game and that she is so talented and smart.  Learning and sharing is so important in young lives. You can read more about the founder and the technology group that offers such a cool site for families to learn and play together on their about us page.

My favorite games to play are Zingo and When Words Collide.Yep, that is words, not worlds!
See for yourself how cool Ohanarama is and sign up your family to start learning and earning rewards.

When you sign up and play Ohanarama games you earn "Neuros" to redeem for virtual rewards including gift cards to some of your favorite stores. In partnership with ThinkFun, real-world games have been added to the reward gallery.  You can play Zingo (one of my favorites) online and earn a real life game with "Neuros".

Look how cute Zingo To Go is:

Perfect for travel in the car, train or airplane, and even on the sideline watching big brother or sister play soccer.  Zingo to go even has its own storage bag. It's bingo to go without all the little pieces. (start playing Ohanarama and earn rewards to redeem for this game and other very cool prizes)

Sign up for your FREE account and start learning and playing with your family. Choose from games of studious to silly, play in real time or take turns when you have the time.  Use the video chat feature and play together. Earn reward points just for playing and enter the monthly contests for big prizes!

Stay connected to Ohanarama:

Disclosure: I was given Zingo To Go in order to write this review. The comments and views are my own.


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