The Lorax opens today, at last!

It's finally here, The Lorax opens today! Have your been waiting a long time for this day?  I know there are kids and even parents waiting for this movie to be shown.  Today is the day. It is going to be a busy weekend at the movie theaters. 

I saw the screening of The Lorax last Saturday. Even though the crowd waiting to get into the screening was a tad anxious, once the movie began the sense of clam filled the theater.  I write this because this screening had more people that seats  and not all patrons were admitted  due to limited seating.

Judging by the huge crowd for this screening I could tell this movie was long awaited for and it could not get here fast enough.  The movie was delayed a few minutes due to seating and a few unhappy patrons.  Once the movie started everyone seemed to relax.

The Lorax is full of vibrant colors and voices of famous people we all know.  Dr. Suess's book The Lorax shares the message of taking care of the earth.  This film has the same message. The Lorax is a cute orange character that is like Father Nature and takes care of the earth.  But then there is Man, who has wants and greed.  You'll have to go see the movie to find out what happens in the end!

Until you get to the theater here is a movie trailer to keep you thinking:

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  1. I heard this had a HUGE opening! We'll probably wait until video. But, I think they've been talking about it in the schools and everything. Have a great Tuesday!



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