Giveaway of New Gutzy Gear™ Fun for kids

Do you remember when school pencils became more than just a yellow pencil you needed for school?  Pencils started being sold with motifs of whales, ducks, alligators and such. I could not get enough of those groovy pencils. There are a few shoe boxes in my basement with my stash of  pencils.  When I did substitute teaching I was buying decorated pencils often. I passed them out to the students and  the kids appreciated the different pencils they were collecting.

School kids are trend setters with the things they collect, trade and swap. The newest and hottest thing is Gutzy Gear™. Gutzies are patches that you can take off and on the back pack straps that are in the starter set. There are two straps and one Gutzy patch in the box.You can arrange and re arrange the Gutzies any way you child likes. Your child can trade and share the patches to create a look all their own. The straps and patches come off with a "tug" making it easy to attach and un attach the straps from book bags, back packs and messenger bags. No sewing or ironing is needed.

Gutzy Gear is sold in select Bed Bath and Beyond. Look for the displays in the store. The Gutzies/patches are sold in two packs. Look on the back of the package to see what Gutzies are available and collect them all! Gutzy Gear also make great gifts for birthday parties or to give out as party favors.

Don't forget the Easter Basket, you can put the starter set and a few packs of the patches in their basket or even hide them in the eggs.   How fun would it be to head back to school after the Easter Break with the hottest new thing!

Use one strap on a messenger bag, and use the other one on another bag. Use two straps for a back pack.   Make the kids bags as personal and imaginative as they are. Two straps or one, trade, share or swap, Gutzy Gear is here!

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Check your local Bed Bath and Beyond for Gutzy Gear.

Giveaway:Closed. For your chance to win a starter set and two packs of Gutzies patches (two patches per pack, 4 patches total)., Leave a comment on this post telling me which Gutzies you like the best. Winner will be chosen be Giveaway ends April 15, 2012. Be sure your email is in your profile or comment.                                                                                                                      

Disclosure: The comments and views are my own. I was given Gutzy Gear to review and hold a giveaway.


  1. My son would love the Three Eyes & Jagged Edge ones.

  2. Three Eyes & Jagged Edge and My Dog Ate My Homework & Bad To The Bone are the sets we'd love! lori.merrickatgmaildotcom

  3. I think they're all cute but if I won, I'd have to refer to my kids!

  4. We would love to get our hands on the baseball and basketball patches! How fun! Thanks for sharing this great product with us.

  5. Bad To The Bone is the favorite here

  6. These are so cool! I really love whiskers,feel the love,fast track and yo bud for my little niece. agaphmou at netzero dot net

  7. My Dog Ate My Homework is great my daughter would love it! suelee1998 @

  8. Random Number Generator Result:6 Athena is the random chosen winner! Congratulations!!!



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