Jay at Play has done it again. Another cute doll named Best Flower Buds.

What's better that a Flower that you don't have to water?  The new line of Best Flower Buds Dolls!

Jay at Play has introduced another cute doll, along with Little Miss Muffin. Best Flower Buds Dolls look like a flower pot until you pull the flower out of the pot.
This is what she looks like from the top off her carrying case;

And this is what she looks like out of  her case and out of her flower pot;

 Best Flower Buds are only available at Toys R Us, and retail for $9.99 for the 9 inch doll. Visit Toys R Us to see the complete line of Best Flower Buds Dolls.

Best Flower Buds make great companions for the little girls in  your family, they make great Birthday gifts, and even a gift "just because your special" gift.

For the young men, Jay at Play has introduced Stinky Little Trash Monsters. A plush doll for the boys and girls too. At first glance you might think it is a trash can, but when you pull the lid up, Stinky Little Trash Monsters come out of the can. It's soft, quiet, and portable fun.

Stinky Little Trash Monsters are $14.99 and only available at Toys R Us. Jay at Play offers a doll for boys and for girls. Check out Best Flower Buds and Stinky Little Trash Monsters complete line at Toys R Us today

Disclosure: I was given a Best Flower Buds in order to write this post.  The comments and views are my own.

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