AboutOne is my family organizer now, and this is why:

Have you ever been to a doctor's appointment and they hand you a clipboard with a few sheets of printed paper asking you to update your information? There are spots for your insurance ID number, the list of current medications, the list of past surgeries, and more information I can not dig out of my purse or wallet. Maybe one of the kids just got done taking an antibiotic, what was it called again? What was the dose, how many times a day? I don't know!

AboutOne is my family organizer now. I can be prepared to answer questions on health issues, or any other family topic, right from my phone or computer. No more digging through piles of papers or giving myself a headache over lost information.

AboutOne is a comprehensive online organizer. It is safe and private. They have bank level security. You can keep all your family information in one place, organized, ready to use, like when I am  sitting in the waiting room.  You can also update and add information as needed.

There is even AboutOne Stream, a private timeline of events in life. You can build, share and preserve family history as well as daily life. The technology does this automatically as you add the information.

Find out more on how to  get organized, clear off those piles of papers on your kitchen counter and keep them safe and accessible.

Yes, you can set it up on your home computer, and yes, it has a phone app! And, It is Free to sign up!  So don't wait another minute and go set up your online organizer. You can add tons of information into your organizer, like birthdays, health information, names, phone numbers, house information-like insurance numbers, and home repairs. Recipes, holidays, Pet information, school information and much more can all be stored here.

Ready to get started! Head over to About One and sign up.

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Disclosure: I was compensated by AboutOne to review their online organizer. All opinions and text are my own.

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