Photos from the Burlington County Farm Fair 2012

The Burlington County Farm Fair ends today! It's a beautiful day today so head out to the fair!
 Route 206 & Jacksonville-Jobstown Road in Springfield Township, NJ 08022

What you need to know:
$10 to park your car, so carpool!
No admission to enter the fair.
There is food for sale. We ate at the first stand on the left when you enter. It was really good! Pork Roast Sandwiches. There are more food tents, all kinds on yummy smells.
Visit the big white tents. In there you will find rows of vendors from county government to local services. Pretty much each table has some giveaways. Pens, Pencils, tote bags, magnets, flashlights and more. (Great way to stock up on school supplies for free)
Visit the animal tents, cows, sheep, goats, lamas, chickens, and more.
There are amusement rides so bring Cash.
It's is good ole Summer Family Fun!

Hope you have a great time!

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