The American Bible Challenge on GSN breaks records!!!

Did you tune into The American Bible Challenge on Game Show Network last Thursday? If you did you were among a gigantic group of people watching!!! 
 In fact it's premier was a mega-hit debuting as the #1 program on GSN- EVER. Yep Ever.

The American Bible Challenge in now GSN's most viewed program of all time. Yes, you all want to watch it. The show is family oriented, fun and exciting.

Where and When can you watch this mega hit show?
Game Show Network

  The competition and intensity only increases over the next nine weeks until the winning team is crowned and goes home with $100,000 for their charity.  Tune-in to GSN every Thursday nights 8pm/7pm Central to see who will make it to the finale!

You  can also enter my giveaway from The American Bible Challenge right here on this blog. Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win one of two t-shirts and hats so you can spread the worked about this new family show about the Bible. Make sure you go to the Post link to leave your comment, not this post!

Disclosure: the comments and views are my own, but you can learn more on GSN web site and see for yourself.

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