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AboutOne Supports FEMA’s National Preparedness Month with Recommendations to Help Families Prepare for Emergency
AboutOne supports the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s September “Ready Campaign” with recommendations about essential information to organize and store for ready access in case of emergency.
Paoli, PA, September 13, 2012 – Earlier this month, as Hurricane Isaac continued to affect parts of the country, the Federal Emergency Management Association launched the ninth annual National Preparedness Month. Spearheaded by FEMA’s Ready Campaign, this annual event is a nationwide effort to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Online family organizer AboutOne ( has joined this effort by preparing a checklist and accompanying video tutorial ( of recommended emergency preparedness documents and information families should have on hand.
In 2009, the Citizen Corps National Survey ( revealed that only 44% of Americans have a household emergency plan, including ready access to family members’ medical information, emergency contacts, insurance paperwork, and other important information.
“Hurricane Issac, July’s super derecho, and the recent wildfires in the western United States are all grim reminders that disaster can strike anytime, anywhere, said Joanne Lang, AboutOne’s founder and CEO. “Last summer, Hurricane Irene forced my own family to evacuate, so I understand the stress and worry an event like that can cause. I’m proud of the fact that AboutOne’s online family management system helps our customers be prepared for anything life throws at them by giving them instant access to the information they need to take care of their homes and families.”
AboutOne’s family organizer helps customers save time, get organized, and be prepared. The password-protected companion apps ( provide exceptional data security and make it easy to manage life’s details on-the-go – no more accumulating piles of paper to file, no more lost documents, and no more wasted time spent searching for family information and paperwork.
The app uses gamification ( to make it fun for customers to get organized, guiding them on the path to organization, and rewarding them with points and badges for meeting their organizational goals. As part of their efforts to support National Preparedness Month, AboutOne has released a special Emergency Preparedness badge.
AboutOne can be used to quickly access family members’ health records and answer questions about medications, vaccinations, and conditions. In an emergency, AboutOne’s companion mobile apps provide online and offline access to emergency contacts and family member health information.
Right at the point of purchase, a customer can snap a scan or photo of a receipt for a new possession and instantly add that item to their home inventory with links to warranty info, user’s guide, and purchase place. These details will then be available for insurance claims after a disaster.
From the baseball game, the recital, or on vacation, parents can snap and add photos to record special memories, along with quick notes about the occasion and links to the people involved. Those precious memories will then be safely and securely stored in the cloud, protected from the destruction resulting from a natural disaster.
“AboutOne is committed to helping customers get organized, save time, and be prepared with access to the household information they need, when and how they need it on a daily basis, and in case of emergency,” says Lang. “With AboutOne and our suite of mobile apps, a mom really does have family life in the palm of her hand.”
AboutOne ( is the fast, easy way to manage your busy life – no matter where you are – guiding you along the path to organization and rewarding you for being organized. Its online organizer provides one place to quickly store and manage memories and household paperwork. AboutOne builds on calendar, contacts, and mobile tools you’re already using, enhancing them with document filing and reporting to make the information you store work for you in a way that other apps don’t, and making it readily available for informed decisions and fast response in an emergency.

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