Try New POMPEIAN OlivExtra Premium Mediterranean Blend

POMPEIAN has a new blend of extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, and grape seed oil. It is perfect for salads, sauteing and frying. You can also use it for grilling and baking.  Replace your  vegetable oil and butter for Pompeian OlivExtra® Mediterranean Blend .

Head over to enter the sweepstakes at POMPEIAN's web site. There are daily chances to win a trip to the Mediterranean, IPads, IPods, free products and coupons.  Find some new recipes for the Fall Season.  Like them on Facebook for exclusive offers.

I tired it out on a chicken Marsala recipe. It adds a nice flavor to the sauteed mushrooms and chicken.

This unique blend of oils is made up of predominantly monounsaturated fats (7.8 g/serving), which are considered relatively “good” fats, essential omega-6 (3.4 g/serving) and omega-3 (0.8 g/serving), Vitamin E (0.25 mg/serving), and can also be used with high heat cooking of up to 450°F and is a perfect replacement for your other vegetables oils, shortening and butter that contain high level of saturated fats.

Disclosure: I received a bottle of POMPEIAN OliveExtra to try from Smiley 360. The comments and views are my own.

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