WON'T BACK DOWN in theaters today. My thoughts on seeing the film already.

WON'T BACK DOWN - if your kid was in a school like the one in the film, what would you do?
If they are, what are you doing???  Read the title again.

I viewed this film on Wednesday night in Philadelphia. The theater had a talkative crowd in attendance. You could really tell they were into the film. It's almost as though they were having a conversation with the actors on the screen. All in a positive way.

I could tell there were parents in the seats, parents who were watching the film to see the outcome of one hard working parent's attempt to improve her daughters school environment. The audience was rooting for the Mom and teacher all the way!

Yes, there are famous actors in the film, but it could be you or me. It could be a mom or a dad you know doing the same thing, wanting a better education for their child.

I wasn't watching the film to see who wins in the end.
It's not about winning or loosing, it's about change.
I was watching it to see how change could be made.

This Mom, along with another teacher in her daughters school are tired of the school environment, not necessarily the teachers, the administration or others.
The teachers realize they want to teach, be creative, and that they have lost their way, for whatever reason that may be.

What do you think happens, does change take place? If you were the Mom in this film what would you do for your kids?   Go see the movie and find out! You might just be inspired, you might cry, you might clap, you might talk out load during the film. It's ok. afterall, it's our kids.


Disclosure: I attended the screening of this film in order to write this review. The comments and views are my own.

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  1. Just saw this movie. And yes, I cried & cheered. Sometimes it takes a village to make a change, but it only takes a brave soul to lead the village!



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