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Cobie Caillat's tiltle track to new album is here. Listen for Free right now!

California songstress Colbie Caillat has released the title track of her upcoming album Christmas In The Sand, out on Oct. 23 on Universal Republic.

"I was thinking, what do they listen to over here at Christmas time? I bet they don't always want to hear songs about white Christmases and bundling up 'cause it's cold outside," she told Billboard. "They want to have a holiday song they can relate to."

You can listen to her music on this sound cloud. (FREE) You'll love her fresh sounding voice. This is a really cute song! go ahead and check it out!
It's good, right! I find it refreshing to have a new Christmas song, I do love the old favorites, but this one is really good.

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Two-time Grammy winning, singer songwriter Colbie Caillat will release 
her first album of holiday music, CHRISTMAS IN THE SAND, on October 23
on Republic Records. The Malibu-born, platinum recording artist 
brings her easy going rhythms and breezy style to CHRISTMAS IN THE SAND
 which features four original Christmas songs including the humorous,
 mid-tempo title track which was written by Caillat, Jason Reeves and
 Kara DioGuardi. Caillat also recorded classics like "Merry Christmas
 Baby," featuring Brad Paisley on vocals and a smokin’ guitar, and "Baby
It’s Cold Outside," featuring Gavin DeGraw on vocals. Grammy winning
 producer, Ken Caillat, who is Colbie’s dad, produced the album.

I have so many warm and sunny memories of Christmas, literally and
figuratively. Christmas means family, tradition, and the spirit of
 giving and sharing, but when you grow up in California, it can also mean 
sunshine and a beach day!” says Colbie. “I wanted to share all these
 wonderful feelings with my fans. It’s an album I’ve always wanted to 
make and was it was more gratifying having made it with my dad.”

It was while she was on vacation on a small island in Bali that Colbie 
picked the songs to record for this record. “I was staying in this tiny
 hut,” she said. “It was beautiful and sunny and the people were warm and 
wonderful. But I spent a lot of time listening to Christmas songs – and 
picked the ones I love to sing most of all. It was perfect for an
 album called Christmas in the Sand.” Other originals on the album are
 "Mistletoe," written by Colbie Caillat, Stacy Blue, Mikal Blue, "Everyday 
is Christmas," written by Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves, Kara Dio Guardi
and "Happy Christmas," written by Colbie Caillat and Toby Gad.

When Colbie returned from Bali and before heading out on the road for 
her hugely successful co-head lining summer tour with DeGraw, she and her
 father, recorded CHRISTMAS IN THE SAND at The Village recording studio 
in Los Angeles.

Caillat’s first album COCO debuted at No. 5 and raced its way past the
 multi-Platinum barrier. Her first single, Bubbly, caught a generation’s
 imagination and has become one of the best-selling digital tracks of all 
time. Billboard took note by naming Caillat its Break through Artist of 
the Year.
Her second album BREAKTHROUGH broke at No. 1 and was honored 
with two Grammy nominations; that same year, Colbie won two Grammys for 
her collaborations with Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift.

Her most recent album ALL OF YOU netted Callait her sixth platinum
single in Brighter Than the Sun and a gold single for “I Do”. It was
Album of the Week at the NY Post and received rave reviews, with People
magazine saying it ‘brings on the glow of Summer. Brighter Than the
Sun was featured more than 20 film, tv shows and commercials. Caillat
and her original music were featured in the Cotton campaign. She also
wrote and arranged ABC Family Channel’s “25 Days of Christmas,” two
years ago.

Her embrace has stretched to include work for honorable causes including the Surfrider Foundation, Save the Music, Animal Sanctuary, the Humane Society of the U.S.

Disclosure: The comments and views are my own. Information provide by Sneak Attack Media.

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