"Here Comes The BOOM" film review

The husband and I went to Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia Tuesday night to see the premier of  "Here Comes The Boom". We were supposed to be there before six, traffic was slow getting out of New Jersey into Philadelphia. Then there was the parking lot, slow too-  I wanted to say"Here take the keys" we are late to the attendant!

We made our way over to the theater, and saw people being turned away since the theater was full. I know I was late, but was holding out hope. We were let in (I had reserved seats), but our seats were taken since we were late!!! Being late is not good. The nice people I had the reserved seats with found us two seats together. Thank you to them.

The Temple Band was playing live on the stage, just as we sat down, they were done playing. Sorry I missed that.

But then,
 Luckily we were seated just in time... Kevin James appeared on the stage. Yep, Kevin James on the stage in the same room as we were.  He introduced the movie and the audience cheered!

The movie is rolling, the sound is filling the room, no time to get settled in our seats, just watch the film.  It started out good, got better, and better, and better.

The film is about a Biology teacher (Kevin James) and his teaching methods, his lateness to work, and the school nurse he has asked out many times-always with a  "no" reply.

The school is in financial trouble, budget cuts are on the table. His job is safe, but the music department is on the budget cut list. What does Biology have to do with Music, I'm not really sure, but the film is more about people, friends, and human nature to help others.

Here take a look:

He has a plan to save the music department, at least he thinks he does. The story is really moving, it makes you think what could you do if you really tried.

 He ends up  in the ring showing his mixed martial arts skills, earning money for the school budget. How does a biology teacher become involved with martial arts? What happens to the music department, and does she finally say yes?

"Here Comes The Boom" gets an A+, thumbs up, 5 stars, and whatever other rating movies get that are awesome.

Go see it this weekend.

Disclosure: I was access to the film in order to write this review. The comments and views are my own.

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