Emily Owens, M.D. New show comes to CW on 10/16/12

Happy Fall and happy new television shows. It's that time of year when we can get back to our favorite shows and watch some new shows. New this Fall is Emily Owens M.D. on CW network. The series premier is this week on Tuesday October 16, 2012 at 9 PM EST.

On Monday 10/15 I participated in a conference call with Mammie Gummer-Emily Owens and Justin Hartley-Will. We were able to ask them questions and talk about the show, the set, and the cast. They were super nice!  Mammie and Justin were very friendly and spoke freely about the show. It was just like talking to a Friend you have. After getting to know them a little better I enjoyed the show even more since I knew they were so friendly.

On Tuesday night during the series premier I participated in a twitter "party" with other viewers and Michael Rady-Micah Barnes, another one of the doctors on the show. Just a nice group of people, and the show is awesome!

Doctor Emily Owens (Mamie Gummer) and  Doctor Micah Barnes (Michael Rady)

Emily Owens  M.D. stars Mamie Gummer who is Meryl Streep's daughter. On the show she is and intern at a Denver hospital. But guess who else is? The jocks, the geeks, the girls she did not like, and the boys she did like-it seems a lot like high school and she has those same insecurities she did in high school. The only thing is she is an adult now and is trying to get past all that high school drama. Can she? Will she? Oh yeah, there is also the man she likes from medical school doing his intern work at the very same hospital. How's that for awkward, she likes him, but she doesn't think he likes her.

I watched the pilot to Emily Owens in the Summer and thought it was really good, and I recently watched shows two and three and thought they were even better. You can watch the series premier on CW network this Tuesday,October 16, 2012 at 9 PM ET. I like the 9 PM time frame because the kids are usually in bed, the kitchen is cleaned up and I am ready to relax.

  I am really looking forward to watching it weekly! Tune in and see for yourself. When?
 Tuesday October 16, 2012 CW network 9 PM ET.


Did you watch the promo? What do you think? It's going to be good! The cast is great and the show is great.


Disclosure: The comments and views are my own. Copies of the show were provided by Role Mommy and CW.

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