"LITTLE RED WAGON" film review

LITTLE RED WAGON opens in theaters today!

LITTLE RED WAGON is a film based on the story of Zach Bonner. At 7 years old he became an advocate for homeless youth.

This is why:
After Hurricane Charley passes through Florida and spares his home, he wakes up to the news showing the devastation of the area. He watches the news with such intent and sees the children in need of supplies.

This is how:
He begins collecting bottled water and food for the  homeless children. He makes many trips to the local shelter with the help of his Mother, and Sister. His interest and motivation keeps growing and he begins receiving donations from companies and citizens. The media interview him often and help spread the word of his cause.

His sister helps pass out flyers announcing their collection for the Hurricane victims. She also helps him collect the goods from the neighbors porches. At times she feels he is getting all the attention. There are trying times for the whole family. Zach's involvement, commitment, and positive attitude have made a difference in so many lives. He is a perfect example of a philanthropist!  The whole family shares and gives because they know there is a need. Their goal is to end that need, to end homelessness.

There is a family he meets while collecting items for homeless children that is moving into an apartment and they give him a generous supply of things as a donation. This Family ends up homeless themselves, but their paths do not meet until one day in a shelter the child is given a Zach Pack. It's a book bag filled with things a child would like and be comforted by. Things we might take for granted everyday. A clean pair of socks, a warm meal, a comic book, a toy, and toiletries are packed in the book bag.   A truly thoughtful gift.

The film is directed by David Anspaguh, who also directed RUDY and HOOSIERS.

Zach Bonner has formed the Little Red Wagon non profit to help underprivileged kids.To learn more about the movie and Zach's work go to Little Red Wagon Foundation web site.

I can look around my own house and know I have too much. We make donations of our outgrown  things to Goodwill, I hope that helps someone.

Zach Bonner is helping children. He is a wonderful role model and person to do such good. The film is not just perfect for families to watch together, but anyone can watch and learn from this film.

The Film opens today at Regal Oaks. Check with your local theater for show times.  

Disclosure: I was given a copy of Little Red Wagon to watch in order to write this review. The comments and views are my own.

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