Tail Towns Friends has a secret for you!

A secret code that is!  Ganz Tail Towns Friends is a fun new  game you can play on Facebook.  It's a whole town you get to interact with. Right now you can get in on some Halloween fun.

Each time you complete a task, you are given new ones to complete. You'll be hooked!

You can play with your friends on Facebook.You design your country getaway, landscape, house, add a pool, or go simple. It's up to you how you design your country home, and who you interact with in the town. You can even shop for things you'll need to live in your home.

Get your custom designed collectible that is fully hand painted, that connects the real world to the virtual. Each character will unlock a new storyline, and awards you with Specialty decor items for your country home. Your secret code is in the box. For store locations go here.

The figurines retail for $14 US, each figurine comes with a secret code to unlock the character's exclusive storyline and " Secret Diary Goals".  You'll earn rewards and when you register other collectible figures you'll unlock even more secret Diary Goals and exclusive items.

 This is the Gardener, he has the cutest little yellow boots

To see more go to TailTownsFriends.com

The figurines are fun for the game, but you can also display them in your home. The figurines are hand painted and very detailed. They are not toys, but they could become a keepsake for your family.

 Check out their Pinterest Board and see the Tail Towns Friends.

You can also follow them on Twitter for current activity on Tail Towns Friends.

Head on over to Tail Towns Friends on Facebook and take a look!

Disclsure: I was given a Ganz Tail Towns Friends in order to write this review. The comments and views are my own.


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