Fun Frugal Finds for Friday: Holiday bobble friends

I found these fun holiday characters at Dollar Tree. My friendly neighbor has a yellow hula girl on her dashboard that she told me she got at Dollar Tree, I went there to find some a while ago and they were sold out. Last week I took my daughter to Dollar Tree to get some decorations for her dorm room and I found these! Needless to say I was pretty happy to find them. I keep mine on the window sill above the sink. When the sun hits their solar panel they dance. It is too much funniness!

Here is a short video to see them in action -our nosey cat had to jump in the end, but you can see how the holiday characters dance:

These are great for stocking stuffers or just to give for fun. Look for these at Dollar Tree, I found them on a display table right when you walk in the door.