Giveaway of Premama Prenatal Vitamins

Remember having to take those really big vitamins during your pregnancy? Or maybe you are taking them now. I was sick most of my pregnancies, really sick with morning sickness all morning, noon, and night. Forget about even trying to take the mega vitamin tablets. 

Oh how I wish I knew about Premama Prenatal Vitamins during that time. But glad to share about Premama now!  It's a powdered supplement mix that's all natural, only 6 calories, easy to digest, and flavorless. And-is gentle on the stomach.

Premama contains:
Folic Acid to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects
Cheleated Iron for healthy blood cell formation
Vitamin D3 for healthy bone and health and immune function
Coenzyme Q10 to help reduce the risk of pre-eclamsia
Ginger root to help with nausea relief
Many more vitamins and mineral to support healthy fetal growth

If you are planning on a pregnancy, are pregnant, or know of someone that is tell them about Premama Prenatal Vitamins. It's an easy to drink form and some moms enjoy relief from nausea and indigestion-hurray for that! Skip those big ole horse pills, and the side effects from them such as nausea and constipation.To Find a retailer click or go to

Mix Premama Prenatal Vitamin with your favorite fruit flavored beverage. Just empty and mix the serving into the glass. Use both halves of the mix for a full serving or half the mix for half a serving.

Easy to mix, and drink. You can also take the servings with you to mix where ever you are since they are individual servings.  Premama contains USP Verified and Food and Drug Administration GRAS nutrients.

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Disclosure: I received Premama Prenatal Vitamins in order to write this post. The comments and views are my own.


  1. This would have been so much easier than swallowing those huge vit. when I was pregnant!
    moo77hb at gmail dot com

  2. Wow!! what a lifesaver this must be for expecting mothers. I hated taking those big pills when I was pregnant!!

    1. congratulations maria your comment was the winner!



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