Something new in the bathroom

A couple of years ago I discovered something new in Wegmans Food Market Bathroom. What could it be? On the wall in the stall-hey that rhymes-was a dispenser of cute little pink bags for feminine hygiene use. Well, if you know me, then you know I love to try out new things. So I investigated further to find out more about these cute little bags. I wrote down the name of the bags-Scensibles, and went home to research. Turns out you can actually purchase your own box in Wegmans and on (they also sell the dispensers and refiles for bathrooms)

I ordered a few boxes and handed them over to my girls to use in their bathroom at home. The next year I sent them along to college for the dorm bathroom. I keep a box in all three of our bathrooms. I especially keep a box in the downstairs bathroom for company. I keep a travel pack in my purse and now you can order right from their web site. We also keep them stocked at our Summer Church Camp. 

So, why am I sharing all this info?
A new Scensibles blog has opened to share, learn, and help those in need, read about their pad party for charitable giving.

Scensibles bags are:
Pink, with a flower pattern that masks the product inside
Are made out of oxo-biodegradable plastic
Easy to use, place used product in the bag, tie it with the tie handles and toss it in the trash bin!
And, I think they are a great idea and product.
And, they make a great stocking stuffer.

so, go visit them and find out more:

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