Tote your New Year to being organized

Happy New Year to you!

Perhaps January should be name organizational month, maybe it already is, I don't know, sounds like a google moment.  Storage totes are stacked high in my basement, full of holiday decorations, old photographs, the kids artwork, keepsakes, and mementos.

My husband says the same thing every time we happen to be in the basement at the same time. "I don't care how much stuff you have just get it in a tote. Totes, bins, or containers do lend a hand in neatness.

Last year after Christmas I sorted, clean out, and label in detail my Christmas totes. I guess not good enough because I never  unpacked my snow flake decorations I put on the dining room chandelier or the kids stockings. I had a a few stockings I used for decoration so I used those for the kids this year.

I'd rather not buy any more totes, because that means I bought more stuff. Or maybe it means I am more organized, yeah, it's that one, more organized.

Here is a view from my shopping cart the day after Christmas:

Yes, my cart is filling up and I am eyeing up these cool green totes. hmm. So far this year I have bought a few rolls of wrapping paper, I use a Rubbermaid tall clear wrapping paper bins for those. I bought a handful of gift bags and not much else.Maybe I don't need any bins this year. Wait, how about those clear ones, I could use those for something!
How's your after Christmas shopping going? any good bargains out there? I found Method hand wash at Wegmans last night on sale for $1.99.
How cute are these, gift tag included. I bought two.I really wanted to buy a shopping cart full but what would I do with all those? Store them in a tote!

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