Why I am number 2 on the Christmas Tree

In the house I grew up in, decorating the tree was done as close to Christmas Day as possible. We did not decorate the tree until then because that is closest to Jesus's birthday. The celebration is Christmas Day and the days after that-like in the song the Twelve Days of Christmas.

My brother, sister and I have our own box of ornaments. Each ornament is marked with a square of masking tape on the back with a number on it. I was number 2 since I was the second born. We were responsible for putting our ornaments on the tree the day before Christmas. Then we would go to the late service at church. When we came home from church it was past midnight and we were tired, but the tree looked so lovely now decorated and lights twinkling. Off to bed we would go dreaming of presents, and the wonderful smells of Christmas dinner filling the house early in the morning.

When each of us got married, we were given our box or ornaments to take to our new home. I've started the same thing with my two girls. Since they were born I've kept their ornaments they received as gifts, and those that I purchased. They are marked with the first letter of their name.

Last year I sorted their ornaments and put the E's and H's in their own separate boxes so they'll be able to take them when they eventually start their own families.

Here are a few of my favorite childhood ornaments. I really don't know the story behind them, I just remember putting them on the tree. I'll have to remember to ask my mom the story for these:


                                                    made by one of my dorm mates in college
My Grandmother gave us Cracker Jack for a special snack. I loved the prizes back then. We actually got a small toy in the box. There are a few small toys dangling from the box on this one.
                              Scuba Santa from our trip to Adventure Aquarium 2011
                                                    wishing you peace everywhere
These are ornaments my husband brought home from his travels around the world:


Our girls will have a nice collection of ornaments from around the world thanks to their dad from traveling. I've kept the tags on the ornaments so they will know which country they are from.

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