Martie Duncan partners with Food Safe Familes Campaign. Keep your Super Bowl food safe and yummy.

Martie Duncan of and Season 8 of Food Network Star Star is partnering with the USDA, FDA, CDC and the Ad Council’s Food Safe Families campaign to remind you to make food safety a big priority on game day!

If you are putting out a bowl of nuts, or other foods that people tend to grab a handful of,  put a spoon in the bowl so everyone is not putting their hands into the bowl. Keep those germs at bay!  Always put out serving utensil for people to use. It keeps the germ population down, and sticky hands from getting all over your furniture too.

I  keep a roll of paper towels in my downstairs bathroom at all times along with a foaming hand soap.  (I read somewhere that foaming hand soap covers more of your skin) I spray a disinfectant in the trash can, door nobs, sink, all around the toilet and even the light switch.I also keep a roll of paper towels by the kitchen sink along with a foaming hand soap so guest can wash up when ever they wish.

Super Bowl parties often involve finger foods, a lot of people sharing communal dishes, and treats that are left out for long period of time—all which can be a recipe for disaster. The Food Safe Families campaign is offering tips on to help you throw a winning Super Bowl Party.

Here are several of Martie’s amazing Super Bowl recipes and tips that you may want to try for the big day:

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DATE: January 31, 2013

TIME: 1 pm, EST

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  1. Great ideas! I'll definitely be trying that chili recipe out.

  2. I totally agree with the foaming soap thing. It makes complete sense. I use it in all our bathrooms because it's easier for the kids to wash off.

  3. Never even thought about that! great advice, especially this flu season!

  4. I'm definitely the fanatic in the house about food/germ safety. Thanks for the tips and recipes!

  5. This is really great. I heard her speak at SheCon and really enjoyed her.


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