Why I chose Campus Book Rentals for my college kids

The month before my daughter began attending college we ordered all her required books from the college book store. The invoice amount was over $1000. Add that to all the other expenses and I thought, holy cow this is going to be more than I thought. Science books are expensive. For three years, that's six semesters of bookstore invoices like the first one.

One day near the beginning of her last year of college my daughter shared a conversation she had  with a classmate and she said she rented her text books. What? Rented books?  We look into renting college text books and the savings were unbelievable. We saved well over half of what we were paying buying them from the bookstore. Just think of the amount of money we could have saved for six semesters. I am so glad we know now to rent college books since daughter number 2 is now in her first semester. Campus Book Rentals offers Free Shipping and returns which is great because books can be heavy and expensive to ship.

If you have a college student or a soon to be college student-rent their college text books!!!

Why Rent College Text Books from Campus Book Rentals?

save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
free shipping and free return shipping
may highlight in the textbooks
flexible renting periods
a donation is made to Operation Smile with each textbook rented

and that's not all- you can even rent the text books you own to other students.You earn money each time your book is rented from RentBack.com which is part of Campus Book Rentals. I remember paying full price for books when I went to college and at the end of the semester during final exams I sold back books that were not in my major. I did not get much cash back from selling a handful of books back, not even enough to cover the price of one book I bought that semester. Rent Back is a super good idea! I Wish it was around in my college days.

Campus Book Rentals web site is easy to use. As soon as you go to the site there is a search bar you can type in what book you are looking for by name, ISBN number or author, even key words. They also have live customer support and flexible renting periods. Which is good, you don't want to have to return the text book before the semester ends. Head over and check them out!

Disclosure: By writing this post I will be sent a gift code for Campus Book Rentals. The comments and views are my own.


  1. I wish we could have rented books when I was in school. 1 book cost $225 and we used it once for a paragraph.

  2. I am always up for saving money-this is something I would have my kids do too!

  3. Neat idea!! I has to scrounge for money to buy used books!

  4. I think this is a great option for college students. Textbooks can be so expensive and the book stores hardly give you anything to buy them back. I also love that they have the RentBack program to utilize as well.


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