Dinner time with Rose Romano's Italian Peppers, can you top that?

Tonight's dinner is all about Rose Romano's Italian Peppers. It's Thursday night, the hubby is home from a long business trip, one daughter is home from school, and I'll be cook and dishwasher, which means- I will load the dishwasher after dinner.

So, what did we have for dinner with Rose Romano's Italian Peppers? I made Chicken Ricadi, a  recipe from the cookbook that accompanied the jars of Italian Peppers.

There are  two types of  toppings, one with Marina and Red Bell Pepper, and one with Mariana and Green Bell Pepper.  The toppings are a creation to honor the Romano and Angotti families culture and cuisine brought from Italy to the United States. The product is all natural, and does not contain synthetic preservatives. It's fresh bell peppers simmered in Marina sauce, and we all gave it a thumbs up for taste and versatility.

To find a store in your area that carries these delicious delicacy toppings visit their web site roseromanos.com.  Here you'll find more ideas to use the topping, an online store, and product information.  And if your favorite grocery store doesn't carry them, go ahead and ask the customer service department to start selling Rose Romano's Italian Peppers.

Back to our dinner, Chicken Ricadi, a sandwich full of flavor and fresh taste.
Ingredients for this recipe are:
6 ounce boneless chicken breast, per sandwich, I used thin cut which is a little less than the 6 ounces.
eggplant slicked thick, one slice for each sandwich.

I grilled the chicken in a grill  pan with enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan.
In the same pan, after the chicken was cooked, I grilled the eggplant slices.

to make the sandwich use Ciabatta bread cut, and grill both sides.

Assemble the sandwich like this:
on one side of the bread layer:
1 tablespoon peppers, I used the red bell pepper marina
1 teaspoon grated Pecorino Romano cheese
1 chicken breast
2 ounces Provolone cheese
1 tablespoon Italian Peppers
top with other slice of Ciabatta bread

Reheat the sandwich in the pan to melt the cheese. Then sit down to dinner and enjoy!

We also enjoyed veggie pasta with green bell pepper marina. We used the red bell pepper in the sandwich. Both toppings were incredibly yummy. I can't wait to see how many foods my family will be topping with these jars of marina. I foresee weekend breakfasts of eggs and hash browns topped with green bell pepper marinara.

Rose Romano's Italian Peppers are a topping, you can use it on any food such as:
top a baked potato
top a scrambled egg
top your pasta
top any type of sandwich
top chicken, fish, beef, what ever you like.
top your bagel or muffin
top vegetables
What food would you use this gourmet topping for?

Keep a jar or two in the fridge for any meal time. Rose Romano's Italian Peppers are the perfect hostess gift or gift for any foodie you know. Make a gift basket for a bride to be with Rose Romano's Italian Peppers as the main theme, add some nice pasta, colander, a big pot, and a bottle of wine.

connect with Rose Romano's:
web site roseromanos.com
pinterest: http://pinterest.com/roseromanos/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roseromanositalianpeppers
twitter: https://twitter.com/RoseRomanos

Disclosure: I received Rose Romano's Italian Pepper Mariana for this review. The comments and views are my own.



  1. yum! I have not tried it on a sandwich yet.

  2. That sounds so yummy! I need to try those :)

  3. I won some in a contest...can't wait to try them out! I keep seeing so many good recipes with them!



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