It's time to move our kids out of their dorm rooms for the year. Campus BellHops brings the strength to get the job done.

Tomorrow we will be moving my daughter home from her Freshman year at college. When we moved her in to her "Castle" because she really did live in a castle, the soccer team was there to ferry all her things to her third floor room. Living in a castle did not warrant an elevator or lift, and there are flights of stairs. Imagine Harry Potter's living quarters, and that gives a pretty good picture of where she lived this year.



How are we going to get all that stuff down three flights up zig zag stairs cases?  

this is the main stair case, then it's two flights of these zig zag steps. It's a work out.

Dad and she will have to figure that out. Better yet, we can have Campus BellHops do the work, yes Campus BellHops. Wish they were around when I went to college. I lived on the 8th floor of a dorm and the elevator was always broken.



Do you have a child heading off to college in the Fall? Maybe you already have one enrolled in college. I know with our first daughter's moving in and out of college dorms and apartments I was carrying way too much stuff and hurt my back.  You think you can carry more than you should sometimes.

If you are planning on sending your child off to college anytime soon, visit Campus BellHops. This is a service of muscle power to move your child in and out of their dorm, apartment, or housing on campus or within 15 miles of campus. They can even arrange for a moving truck in you need one.

They are insured, hire college students, and interview and train the students.

Check to see if  Campus BellHops services your child's college or university and if so, save your back and let them carry all those totes, and mini fridges the kids over pack.



  1. What a great idea!! Too bad they're not in NY as I'll have two in two different schools next year. My daughter's finishing her junior year so we have packing up down to a science now, including taking boxes so we can ship what doesn't fit home via the UPS Store. It's never as neatly packed & organized on the way home!

  2. I am hoping they expand their service. It is a science! I had so much less stuff to pack then kids do now. It's all over our house at the moment. ahh!



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