Loggerhead Apparel Giveaway, Enter for your chance to win and wear thier signature shirt made in USA

I have a handful of shirts and sweaters in my closet that are some of my favorites, mainly because of the quality, the time in my life I bought them, and that they are made in the USA.  I remember my mom would always look at the labels in clothing to see where it was made, she told me to always look for the USA label when buying clothes.

Where are your clothes made? Perhaps a country you don't even know where it is or ever heard of.  Make a good decision and seek clothing made in your own country by your fellow neighbors! 

If you like to buy American, but don't know where or what to buy, USA Love List can steer you in the right direction. This site is all about items made here in the United States. Clothing, shoes, home items, baby items, and much more are all listed on USA Love List. It makes it easy to find and purchase from USA manufactures.

Loggerhead Apparel is made in the USA, they also partner with conservation efforts to protect Loggerhead Turtles. I love the classic look of a polo shirt, especially one that is made in USA, and supports conservation.

Loggerhead Apparel signature clothing is the Bellwether360 polo shirt. The shirt is made from 100% American Pima Cotton in the USA.  The Loggerhead Turtle logo shows their support to keep these coastal animals protected and safe. Outfit the whole family is their colorful polo shirt for Summer fun and conversation. To learn more about the company head on over to http://www.loggerheadapparel.com/.
For your chance to be sporting one of these awesome shirts in a men's, women's or youth in a size and color of  winner's choice enter the Rafflecopter Widget!
giveaway closes midnight Eastern time on Thursday, May 2

giveaway closed


  1. It's a good looking shirt! And I appreciate their mission. American made and giving back? win-win.

  2. Love the sturdiness of the shirts!

  3. Love that these are American made and are of high quality!

  4. They look like great quality and I like the womens red polo!

  5. Those shirts look like a nice, good quality product.



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