What does conservation mean to you? For me it's more than a text book with "Conservation" in the title.

When I was in college I took a lot of conservation classes for my major. I enjoyed learning about the earth, the people of the world, and conservation. I learned all kinds of facts and figures on how much natural resource people consume everyday, how much trash we generate, and ways to conserve natural resources.

my books from college on our book shelf in our "library" room at home

 At the time I was in college recycling was not really heard of for consumers. We did not have curb side recycling, we were not required to recycle anything, ever.  I took it upon my self to find a drop off place for glass, plastic, aluminum and paper that could be recycled from my parents house while I was still in college. I probably used more gas in the bigger than a yacht station wagon we had getting to the drop off site, but at least I felt I was doing my part.

Now cars are more environmentally friendly, recycling is required, and conservation is a household word. Isnt' that wonderful! I guess it was just a matter of time until we realized the dumps were getting too full, and our natural resources were being used up to fast.

 Recycling is part of our daily routine, every day.

How are we reducing our use of resources?

I use cold water to wash all of our laundry, in fact I have for many years.

I turned the heat down to 68 degrees Fahrenheit form 70. If someone says they are cold, I say put a sweater on or do some housework. Which do you think they do???

I am constantly telling the kids to turn the lights off in their rooms when they are not in them. There are so many times I go into their rooms to turn off their lights when I know they are watching TV in the family room.

I also open all the curtains in the house everyday to take advantage of the natural light instead of turning on lamps.

I use Cascade for the dishwasher, you don't have to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, saving on H20 use.

What are you doing in your household to be conservative?
Are there areas in your home you could use less electric or gas resources?
Are you recycling everything you can?
Do you leave lamps on when no one is in that room?
Have you switched over to all reusable shopping bags yet?
Do you recycle plastic shopping bags?
Check with your local government on what types of things can be recycled and where and when the pick up or drop off location is located.

Our goal is simple: just use less of everything and their will be less to recycle! Recycling is super great, but I'd like to use less packaging, less over packaged products, and less processed foods and prepackage foods. Wish us luck, we are going to need it!

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  1. One thing we have started doing more is making sure to turn off lights when not in the room and unplugging small appliances we don't use often.

  2. I've unpluged the small appliances too, but the family gets mad I do that! I'll keep trying.
    thanks for your nice comment!



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