Make a date with your Mom to watch Beverly Lewis’s The Confession on Hallmark Channel this Saturday.

This weekend on Saturday May 11, 2013 schedule time to watch Hallmark Channel for the world premier of The Confession at 9 PM EST, 8 PM Central time. It's a Hallmark Channel original movie with a cast of talented actors you will recognize, a quant setting, and old world wealth some will take when no one is looking.

I watched the show this morning and it was great!  Money and power struggle over love and devotion.There is no clear path to the end of the movie. Characters are added to the story you don't expect, and Mom does know best.

Take a break this Saturday night, sit down, let the laundry and dishes wait, and watch the movie before celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday. 

Watch it with your mom, or let her know about the movie premier this Saturday. The Confession is based on the novel by New York Times Best Selling Author, Beverly Lewis. Lewis' book is based on her own experiences and heritage.

The movie is about Katie Lapp finding her birth mother. Katie is from the Amish community in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Katie is shunned by her community for a incident involving her boyfriend's death. She leaves her adopted family, the family that raised her, and cared for her after her birth mother gave her away. She ventures out in the world to look for her  birth mother. She is hired as a waitress, and makes friends with one of the other waitresses. They become roommates and she helps Katie find her birth mother with the help of Internet resources to which Katie is unfamiliar.

Katie finds her mother, who is Laura Mayfield-Bennett, alive and living as a socialite in a large estate left to her by her family. The timing of Katie's arrival at her mother's home is unusual, as another Katie (real name Alyson) arrives before Katie Lapp arrives. Laura Mayfield-Bennett believes the first Katie to arrive is her daughter. The house staff think that Katie is there as a replacement to one of the staff that was recently fired.  The real daughter, Katie Lapp does not tell  Ms Bennett that she is her daughter at any point in the movie. She is concerned that someone is impersonating her, and why would someone want to be her.

It turns out Mrs. Bennett's husband is in a bit of trouble from his gambling issues and has debts that need to be paid. He finds a way to have his wife's will changed in order that the impostor Katie would inherit the estate.  Mrs. Bennett is dying from Cancer, and has her attorneys on hand to change the will to leave everything to her daughter.

Tune in on Saturday May 11, 2013 to the Hallmark Channel and watch to see how Katie and Katie take care of their Mother, earn her trust, and the turn of events only a Mother could realize.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Hallmark Channel is honored to present the World Premiere of “Beverly Lewis’ The Confession,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie onSaturday, May 11 @ 9p/8C starring three-time Emmy® and two-time Golden Globe® nominee Sherry Stringfield (“ER”) and “Switched at Birth” actress Katie Leclerc. Based on the second novel of The Heritage of Lancaster County Books from #1 New York Times bestselling author Beverly Lewis, “Beverly Lewis’s The Confession” stars Leclerc in the inspiring story about a young Amish woman shunned by her community, who sets out to find her birth mother (played by Stringfield) and a life she has never known. The film is executive produced by Brian Bird (Believe Pictures), Maura Dunbar (Odyssey Networks) and Michael Landon, Jr. (Believe Pictures), who also directed

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Disclosure: I received a Screnner copy of The Confession from Hallmark Channel. The comments and views are my own.

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