How To Childproof Your Home from The Home Safety Guru, Louie Delaware

Have you ever looked at your house from your child's view? I mean have you ever shrunk yourself down to you child's size and see what they see? Well, those are the areas you should see. Why? Because that's the place you and I don't see potential dangers to children.

Outlet covers are not at my eye level, but they are at a toddlers eye level. A simple fix is outlet covers.  How about all the electrical cords hanging from tables, televisions, computers, and appliances? Those are probably at a child's height too. There are simple ways to secure wires, do you know how?

Room by room there are so many objects and areas parents and caregivers need to make safe our children. Where do I start? How about a book? A reference book to be exact.

The Home Safety Guru’s Definitive Guide On
How To Childproof Your Home™
Making Your Home Safe And Secure For Little Ones by Louie Delaware
is now available.

If you are a parent, expectant parent, even  a relative of children, then this is a book you need.

The book is a guidance/reference on how you can make your home safer for your children. Louie Delaware is a father of 2, married and lives outside Boulder Colorado with his family.
He has over 10 years of experience and has helped over 1500 families childproof their homes. He is an Advanced Certified Professional  Childproofer® expert.

His book covers all the areas and rooms in your home. Room by room, object by object you will read how to make your home safer and less stressful, even when you visit other homes.

Each time we went to visit a relatives house I make a quick survey of the rooms, I tried to put the nick knacks up higher, and keep a close eye on the kids.  It is stressful to be in a house with so many potential dangers.

Louie Delaware provides a checklist for you to go over every room in your house to childproof. For example what about your entertainment center? Electrical wires, unsecured televisions, DVD players, game systems, all those items can be secured, but how? The answers are in the book. Chapter by chapter offers photos and detailed information on how to make your home safer for your children.

I think this book is great for a baby shower gift, new parents, and even give a copy to the grandparents.  We may all overlook the obvious potential dangers in our house, and this book is a good reference and reminder to check those areas.

How about your home office? This is an area full of danger, but you can childproof it easily and make it safer for your little ones.

He offers simple fixes that don't require special tools and won't make your house look unattractive.
Homes today have wide open stair ways, lots of hard surfaces, and much more electronic equipment that older houses. Use the checklist and childproof your home and make it as safe as you can for your little ones. 

The book also covers areas of outdoor spaces, pets and critters, special needs children, even rental cars. Read about airplane travel and hotel accommodations. Did you know a role of duct tape is great for securing dresser drawers, toilet seat lids, shower doors, and more in a hotel room. Simple fixes for your stay away from home. Take safety with you wherever you go or stay.

At the back of the book there are reference pages for places to buy safety equipment and other safety resources.

The Home Safety Guru’s® Guide to Childproofing Your Home covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • Statistics and information on how kids get hurt
  • A checklist to determine which items in your home are dangerous and why
  • How best to keep stairs and certain areas and rooms off limits
  • Common sense suggestions for making the home environment safer, many without childproofing devices
  • Recommendations for specific childproofing products
  • A list of safety and fire preparedness tips
  • How to deal with a wide range of environmental hazards found in many homes
  • Clear How-To Installation tips, in plain English, designed to work with the manufacturer’s instructions, because we all know how vague or unclear those instructions can be
  • Dealing with special-needs children
  • Hidden dangers when traveling or visiting friends’ or Grandma’s homes
  • And many more items

This book is a parent’s one-stop essential resource to create a safe environment toddlers and a less stressful life for themselves.

For more information about Louie’s book, go to

Louie Delaware, The Home Safety Guru® is a Licensed General Contractor, an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer®, a Certified Aging In Place Specialist®, Certified Radon Mitigator along with other safety certifications. Louie’s book, The Home Safety Guru’s Definitive Guide On How To Childproof Your Home is available at Amazon in Kindle and print versions at For more information about Louie Delaware, go to his web site,

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Disclosure: I was given a copy of How to Childproof Your Home for this review. The comments and views are my own.


  1. We went through before we had my oldest and child proofed and then after he started walking went through again. There were a lot of things that we hadn't thought about, like access to cat boxes (we ended up gating them in an area that my kids can't access). Great post!

  2. thank you Ann Jones, there are so many areas in a home to childproof. It's great to have a reference book to go over them.

  3. Shop for carbonmonoxide detectors and more home safety products. Save money. Live better.



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