How am I keeping my cool this Summer. With a sip, a mist, and a wipe.

You know it's Summer time when first thing in the morning the temperature is at 86 degrees and by lunch time it's 97 heading to 100 degrees- add humidity into the mix and it feels like 100 outside.

Keep your cool in hot weather! Drink plenty of cold water and take it easy. When I see workers outside doing construction on the road or buildings I wonder how they can stand to work in the heat and humidity.

Waiting on a breeze or a Summer rain shower often brings even more humidity, and then the temperature goes right back up. Not much help in keeping your cool.  Whether you are working outside or working out keep cool with useful and cooling products from the folks at O2COOL.

One of the products I tried from O2OCOOL is their Mist 'N Sip Drinking Bottle and Misting Bottle.
I filled it with ice and cold water. The water stays cold in the insulated bottle and is ready when you are!

                                                    drinking spout and mister all in one

                                                      easy to take apart to clean

What I like about Mist 'N Sip Drinking Bottle and Misting Bottle:
Two spout on the cap, one for drinking, one for misting
Insulated bottle to keep your beverage icy cold.
BPA free
Easy to clean
Easy to use
Refreshing mist keeps you cool or cools you off
Great for outdoor sports and activities
Easy to transport with you
Can be used inside or outside any time of the year
Great to keep yourself hydrated
you can see more about it at

Here's another great product from O2Cool, ARTICLOTH COOLING TOWEL, I gotta say this is pretty neat. When I opened the package, the towel felt cold.

large sized towel to wrap around your shoulders, head or wherever! 33"x13"

fits perfect back in the storage container

Icy cold without ice or freezing the towel
Keeps cool for hours
Reusable year after year
One side absorbs sweat and the other side cools you off
Easy to use the towel for cooling-just wet the towel with water and ring out the excess
Machine washable
Comes in it's own storage container
Easy to transport
Use indoors and outdoors
Great for sports and outdoor activities
Great for keeping you cool
Great for year round use
Nice generous size 33"x13" big enough to drape over you shoulder, neck
O2Cool products can be found at

Disclosure: I received ARTICLOTH cooling towel, and SIP 'N MIST bottle for this review. The comments and views are my own.

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  1. I like the towel, it would be really nice when it was hot!



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