Make some noise! Drop you change into the RMHC donation box July 1.

Today is a day of change. It's July 1, 2013.

stop at your local participating McDonald's restaurant today.

drop your small change into an RMHC Donation Box or drive-thru

you can help make a big impact on the seven million children and families served by RMHC each year around the globe.

the  idea that “every little bit helps,” last year “small change” donated at McDonald’s restaurants helped raise more than $28 million in the U.S.

I drop my change into the bin every time I go to McDonald's, You can too, today is a special day, but send your spare change off to help children and families at RMHC.

read more here:

I am sharing this event as part of as a member of our McCafé Moms Club

1 comment:

  1. How do you become a member of the Mom's Club? That looks like fun!! :)


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