Wahoo! It's here Exclusive new DELIVERY MAN trailer and images. And I mean Exclusive!

Today is pretty awesome. At 12 noon, Eastern Standard Time a super new trailer for Delivery Man is being released. There are 533 blogs that are releasing this trailer today at the same time. I am excited and honored to be one of them!!! The video is so exclusive and new, that it won't even play for me as I finish up this post. But as soon as this post is published it will be available to view at 12 noon EST.



This is going to be my favorite movie for this Fall.
It doesn't matter what else comes out, this is it.

I've liked Vince Vaughn since "A Cool Dry Place" film years ago. I didn't even know who he was then, I just loved that story. And here is in another wonderful story about him being a Dad. Actually he had no idea he was a Dad. I know how could that be?

This film is about David.
He has a job with his family business where he is a delivery man for their bakery shop.
He has a girlfriend.  He doesn't have any children. 
He isn't very reliable, and he is kinda in a rut.

Do you ever have those day where you wonder what your purpose is in life?

He did.
He found it, or it found him. The news that he has 533 children.
I know, how can that be? From a lot of dates? Nope, that's not it either.

So, how is he a Father to 533 children? His children want to know who their father is and they are looking for him. He just may have found his purpose.

Are you ready? Watch this exclusive new trailer and find out how he fathered 533 children, and then see the film in the theaters to find out how he becomes a dad to 533 children. I am so there. Mark you calendar now for Delivery Man release on November 22, 2013.

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Disclosure: I was supplied with images and the trailer from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, The comments and views are my very own.


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