Win a case of Bare Fruit 100 % Organic snacks, 100% really, really good!

The past two days I have been busy running errands, shopping, and to a few doctor's appointments. Summer time is busy!  Yesterday afternoon when I pulled into the driveway my youngest announced there was a package on the porch. We tried to guess who's it was for before we got out of the car.  I was the lucky winner. Wahoo.

We had bags to bring in from the garage, but that waited. I opened the box to see what was inside first!

So what was in the box? The most perfect, crunchy, sweet snack ever:

Well, um we ate most of the bag in no time flat. Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips are mighty tasty!!! They are crunchy, sweet, and taste like apples, because they are apples.

what I like about Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips:
100 % organic
Baked, dried apples
a healthy snack
4 apples in every bag
Washington State apples
ingredients: organic apples, organic cinnamon. that's all
90 calories a serving
you can eat them while you type just like I am
gluten free
manufactured in a nut free facility
easy to pack, easy to store, easy to eat, easy to enjoy
no crumbs, not sticky

Great News!!! You can enter to win a case of your very own.  Head on over to Bare Snacks on Facebook and enter to win, but wait, you'll need this link to go right to the giveaway on Bare Fruits facebook page: . Hurry on over now to enter. The contest begins Tuesday, July 16 and ends Tuesday, July 23 at 11:59pm.
(be sure you go to Bare Fruit Snacks facebook page to enter with the link above)

you can also scan this QR code to go right to the app for the giveaway

Want to order Bare Fruit Snacks? Want to know where to buy them in your area?
jump over to to locate a store in your area or for ordering information.

 here are their social circles:

Disclosure: I received samples of Bare Fruit Snacks for this giveaway. The comments and views are my own.


  1. Oh my, do those snacks ever sound so delicious! I'm a huge fruit anything fan. Fresh fruit, dry fruit, fruit in pie, frozen fruit- you name it!

  2. My kids and I love dried fruit. These sounds fabulous! Would love to win for the kids lunches!

  3. They sound terrific! I am always looking for healthy snacks for the family.

  4. what a great treat to take to the pool or outdoor aventure.

  5. Oooh I looove dried fruit, especially with this pregnancy...

  6. I have tried them and they are yummy!

  7. I love apple chips! My kids do too!

  8. These things are DELICIOUS. Our whole family loves them!

  9. be sure you enter on Bare Fruits Facebook page with this link: that will take you right to the facebook app to enter to win a case.

  10. These look really good - going to enter! :)



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