Donkey Kong Country DVD is available now! Plan your family movie night with the ape from the 80's.

Disclosure: I received a Donkey Kong Country DVD gift pack from Phase 4 Films for this review. The comments and views are my own.
Labor Day is a few days away, but you still have some time to enjoy a Summer night movie with the family. Gather the family for a night or rainy day with the peace loving Donkey Kong. Yep, the 80's hit Donkey Kong video game is now available on DVD in major retailers. The DVD is only $9.99 which might just leave wallet room to buy snacks.

Did you play the video game in the 80's? What fun would it be to share your childhood game with your own kids with Donkey Kong Country DVD!It is the perfect set up for a 80's party night with family and friends. It brought back memories for me.
Here is a great pile of suggestions for your movie night:

This is a fun box of swag I received for our ape DVD fun night. You can purchase similar fun items for your family movie night at any dollar type store or mass merchandise outlet.

For the first time, the hit cartoon series, based on the popular video game, is now on DVD in CGI animation. Featuring four classic episodes and a run time of 90 minutes, the DVD is available in major retail stores for $9.99.

About the movie:

"When King K. Rools' last attack fails, he comes up with a new strategy to steal the Crystal Coconut by cloning Candy Kong with an evil robot. While trimming Donkey Kong's hair, Candy Clone puts a hex on him that removes all of his strength, which now leaves the Crystal Coconut without a protector. With Time running out, Cranky must come up with an antidote and git it to Donkey Kong before King K. Rool and his army succeeds in their next attack.

It's 90 minutes of family, animated fun and adventure.
To learn more about the DVD, Donkey Kong Country, swing on over to Kaboom
To purchase Donkey Kong Country, swing on into your local Wal Mart or Target and grab one for only $9.99.

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