Paying it Forward with Campus Book Rentals to help students in need

What can you buy with $25?
I participated in a Back To School project with Campus Book Rentals.

Campus Book Rentals is proud to sponsor this Back to School, Pay it Forward event.

I was given $25 to purchase supplies for a child in need. I purchased: a back pack for $5, and 20 items that cost $1.00 each. I also added a few extra school supplies from our school supply stash.

It was really easy to find so many items for $1.00 or less, and it's nice to help a local child in need. I donated the loaded back pack to our local drug store that was collecting school supplies.

Sign up for the shopper/rewards card at office supply stores. Teachers and parents can qualify for the teacher rewards card and are able to purchase more of a quanity at the discount price. If you are a homeschooler, Sunday school Teacher, Scout Leader and the like sign up for the teacher rewards card, and stock up to Pay It Forward with your extra school supplies.

I have a college age child and we rent the text books for her college courses. I highly recommend renting text books! You save so much and it's easy to order, ship, and return the books with Campus Book Rentals.

Campus Book Rentals is a company that offers students up to 90% off their textbooks! It not only allows students to save money, it helps students make money by providing services for students to rent out their textbooks to other students. Campus Book Rentals has been around since 2007, and continues to help students live a more affordable life.

visit Campus Book Rentals at their web site:

Disclosure: I received $25 in order to purchase back to school items to help a child in need.The comments and views are my own.

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