Add 39 spices and herbs to your cooking in one shake with Spike Gourmet Natural Seasonings

Pasta dishes are not a hit at my family dinner table. I tend to cook a meal of spaghetti now and then, but I think only the Mr. and I are sitting at the dinner table that night. I made rigatoni a few nights ago, browned some organic ground beef and topped it with organic sauce. It still seemed a bit flat to me, the meal was a tad on the blah side. There was no zing to the meal.

Then I remembered I just got a few bottles of Spike Seasonings to try,  so I did just that.

A few shakes of the spice blend was all I did-no cutting a pile of herbs or digging through the spice cupboard to find that right blend.

I topped the Rigatoni with Spike Original Gourmet Natural Seasoning and it was much better. Saved the dinner!

There are 39 flavorful herbs and spices in the jar. Just open and shake away. Use it on fish, poultry, beef, eggs, pizza, pasta, even popcorn. Whatever meal you are cooking or eating shake All Purpose Spike Gourmet Natural Season on and see taste how much better your food tastes. Oh yeah-it's gluten free.
There are other blends of Spike Gourmet Natural Seasoning some are salt free, and they are  There is a Hot N' Spicy blend of hot peppers and spices that I think the Mr. would use on all his food. It a bit too hot for me! Head on over to to see all the seasoning blends you can spice up your meals. Add flavor not calories.

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