Are you a Whole Shopper? Shop at Whole Foods Market e-shopping site and skip going inside the store.

Cupboards bare?
Time to go grocery shopping?
Busy day ahead?

How's this sound?
  • turn on your computer
  • go to the web site WHOLE-SHOPPER.COM this is Whole Foods Market's web site
  • place your order from home, office, where ever you are
  • pick the time you want to pick up your groceries at Whole Foods (during store hours)
  • drive to Whole Foods Market and park in the special parking spots near the entrance
  • push the button on the call box in your parking spot to call associate
  • Your groceries will be brought to your car, your groceries are loaded into your car, and  off you go.
How do I get started?
    Once you set up your account with your email and a password you can start ordering. You will pay at the time of pick up so you don't need to enter any account information.
(Note: On September 16 Whole Foods Market in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania will be the first location to offer this service, with other stores to follow.)

You can order 24/7 at their e-shopping site
You pay when you pickup your order in the parking lot. The sales associate will process your payment right there in the parking lot.

There is a $4.95 service fee for orders under $100.00

Need more information? head on over to WHOLE-SHOPPER.COM 

Whole Foods Market in Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania will be the first store to start e-shopping!
Check with your local Whole Foods Market to see when they will offer e-shopping.

Disclosure: I attended an information session at Whole Foods Market in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. I was given a reusable thermal bag and Whole Foods Market brand groceries in exchange for sharing this post. The comments and views are my own.

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