Have you tried QuestBar protein bars yet? Enter for your chance to win one of three sampler packs and more!

Before school started I got a text message from our local mall stating that I could get a free QuestBar when I visited the mall. I did not give it much thought at the time, you know just another energy bar I thought.  Then a few days later the girls said they wanted to buy QuestBars and I said oh, you can get a free one from the mall. Yeah, they already knew that, but they wanted more than one bar. Teenagers always know more than Mom.

What's with these QuestBars? I never heard of them before that week, now my kids won't stop talking about them.

On a trip to our favorite frozen yogurt shop we also visited the nutrition store right next door and bought a handful of QuestBar protein bars. All I could think was wow, what is this QuestBar and why do my kids want these so bad?! What am I missing?

So, you know what a mom blogger does best-ask for QuestBar protein bars. You would have thought it was Christmas when the box arrived. My oldest was home when the box arrived so I let her open it and she arraigned them on the counter like it was gold. I almost had to hire an armoured guard to stand in front of the pantry door.

QuestBar protein bars have won my kids over. They love the taste and the high protein. The high fiber keeps them feeling full longer and away from sugary snacks. The bars are good tasting, and good for them. As their Mom I like that ingredient list is short, easy to understand, and all natural.

QuestBar Vanilla Almond Crunch:

Taste Test: "Mom you gotta try this one, it's really good."

Why do my teens like QuestBar:
no sugar or sugar alcohol used
high fiber
high in protein
gluten free
low carb
low calorie
no glycerin,
simple carbs
junk free
easy to read ingredient list
taste good, taste great
fits their active lifestyle

some of the QuestBar sampling:
Peanut Butter Supreme
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Coconut Cashew
Mixed Berry Bliss
Banana Nut Muffin

And what we did not know about Quest:
They make Quest Cravings, Protein Peanut Butter Cups, 1 gram of sugar, 4 grams active carbs, and 20 grams protein, 100% tasty.

And did you know Quest makes Pasta? Gluten free pasta, low carb, low calorie, zero fat pasta. I am sending these off to the college girl to share with her roommates.

Quest Spinach Fettuccine has only 20 calories a serving.
Quest Spaghetti has only 10 calories a serving
It's made from  water, glucomannan-soluble fiber, and calcium hydroxide. The spinach Pasta also contains spinach powder.

Now that you know my kids like QuestBars head on over to http://www.questproteinbar.com/ to find out more about Quest products. There is a store locator or buy now tab, and scroll down the home page for nutritional information too.

Three winners!
Before you run over to check out QuestBars, enter for your chance to win a12 Flavor Sampler Pack and two bars of White Chocolate Raspberry and two packs of Peanut Butter Cups. Isn't that awesome, but wait it gets better!!! Three winners will be chosen and sent their prize from Quest Nutrition.

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Disclosure: I received Quest Nutrition Products samples.
The comments and views are my own.


  1. I love that Quest bars have the ability to be microwaved and baked, you can make soo many guilt free treats out of them.

  2. The protein - so important after a workout and to divert crazy eating.

  3. Most protein bars taste like sawdust - these are DELISH!

  4. I love Questbars because they are high fiber, high in protein and low carb!

  5. Ive tried almost all the flavors love that they are PACKED with protein and the bar taste is great no matter what the flavor you can microwave it for 6-8 seconds and it its so soft and warm and taste amazing! My husband and me love to eat Quest Nutrition bars when we need some quick protein in our bust lives so convienient to put in your gym bag or purse on the go. The chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite my husband knows not to eat them all up or i will have a fit! :)

  6. I love that these bars come in so many amazing flavors, are low carb/high fiber, and high in protein without all the added fat and sugar. It's the perfect snack or mini-meal. I am dying to try the Quest Cravings pb cups!

  7. I LOVE Quest Bars! I love that they are junk free & that I can read all the ingredients!

  8. I LOVE Quest Bars! I love that they are junk free & that I can read all the ingredients!

  9. I haven't tried these yet, but I'm always interested in tasting something new!

  10. I haven't tried yet,would really love to try those



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