The Snugg has made itself right at home in our house.

When the first iPhone was released years ago, my daughter at her young age wanted to stand on line to be the first to get one. She is her father's daughter in that respect for keeping up with technology. So, we stood on line, and she bought the phone, then I worried. She did fine with taking care of the phone, I was another story. Within the first week of owning an iPhone, and this was years after my daughter bought hers, I dropped mine in the drive away. The entire screen cracked. so much for that phone.

My mom and personal advice it to put a cover on your mobile devices.

This week in our house we  put The SNUGG on the ipad. It's a very nice leather cover, fits perfectly, has a  flip stand, and a hand strap. The Snugg makes it so much easier to hold the ipad and be able to use it at the same time. The style and quality are way more than I expected. I am really impressed with the case and the company. I love the look of the case and the ease of use.

The Snugg is available in tons of colors, and styles to fit your mobile devices, see for yourself at It's simple to order or return if you need to, and the case comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Disclosure: I received The Snugg case for this review. The comments and views are my own.

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