Win a towel set made by 1888 Mills in Georgia, USA

So, where are your towels made? I was fond of a major brand I used to buy at a major department store, and then... they stopped selling the style of towel I liked. That is so disappointing. The sales clerk new nothing about the towels I was talking about. The reason I liked them so much is the brand, and the fact they were made in USA.

Did you know you can buy American made towels from 1888 Mills at Costco, and WalMart. Oh, yes you can, and I am glad to learn that, really!!!

Get ready for Fall with a fresh new look in your bathroom. I love the green color. Which is your favorite color? Stock your home with towels from 1888 Mills, and know they are made in USA since 1888.

Enter to win a 6 piece towel set from 1888 Mills in USA Love List giveaway. Outfit your bathroom with towels made in USA from 1888 Mills in Griffin Georgia.

giveaway ends at midnight Eastern on 10/3. The prize is a 6-piece set of American-made towels from 1888 Mills. The winner gets to pick the color.

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  1. I want a set of American-made towels from 1888 Mills because my current towels are not that absorbent & I support American made products!

  2. I like that they decided to make US production a part of their global plan.



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