How to make Johnsonville Ultimate Party Meatballs in less than 30 minutes so you can enjoy your party.

Here in New Jersey you can find Cranberry bogs as you travel closer to the ocean. During harvest time, the Cranberry fields are purposely flooded with water to make the cranberries float so they can be gathered up and sent to market. I've never seen this done and don't know much about the harvesting of the cranberries, but I like anything baked or cooked with cranberries.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditional times to find cranberry sauce or relish on the tables of many American households. I made a recipe that is so easy, yet so tasty and fills my cranberry fix until Thanksgiving dinner.

The recipe is called "Ultimate Party Meatballs"
It's three ingredients mixed together in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

1  14 ounce can of Ocean Spray ® Jellied Cranberry Sauce
1  12 ounce bottle of Heinz® Chili Sauce
1   24 ounce package of frozen, fully cooked Johnsonville® Classic Italian Meatballs.

In a large saucepan combine the chili sauce and cranberry sauce, on medium-low heat stir until smooth. It will look something like this, and smell way better than this computer screen.

Next, add the meatballs, cover the pan and cook for 15 minutes or so until the meatballs are heated through. Stir occasionally to coat and keep from burning the sauce.
You can also go the slow cooker route:
Place the meatballs in the slow cooker
combine the chili and cranberry sauce in a separate bowl or heat in a pan first.
Pour the sauces over the meatballs
Cook for 4 hours on high setting.
Another big thing happening in New Jersey besides cranberries growing is that the Super Bowl will be held in New Jersey this year. Ultimate Party Meatballs make the big game cheering even better! Use your team's colors with toothpicks for easy finger food. From board game nights to movie nights,potluck dinners, holiday open houses, reunions, or neighborhood get together this recipe for Ultimate Party Meatballs is easy to prepare, and easy to serve
You can add more chili or cranberry sauce if you like more sauce for dipping or add your favorite spices to the mix like cumin and Cayenne pepper.
The great thing about this recipe is that it is only 3 ingredients. The 3 ingredients you can keep on hand in your kitchen. Buy a couple bottles of Heinz Chili Sauce and Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce for your pantry, and a buy a few bags of Johnsonville classic Italian Meatballs for your freezer. This way you'll always have a go to recipe for get togethers, family movie night or for unexpected company.
Heinz Chili Sauce is great for burgers, fries, and recipes. I use it to make sloppy Joe's.
New fully cooked Johnsonville Classic Italian, Three Cheese or Home style meatballs are made only with premium cuts of meat. There is no MSG,  no artificial colors or flavors. Look for dinner sized meatballs for spaghetti or other meals.
Ocean Spray cranberry sauce has been coming to the holiday table for generations. It's sweet and tangy and my favorite.
Look for all three of these food items at your grocery store, mass merchandise stores, even drug stores these days.
Disclosure: I received Heinz®, Johnsonville®, and Ocean Spray® products in exchange for sharing this recipe. The comments and views are my own.
here is a quick and easy guide to making the Ultimate Party Meatballs:

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