How to bake "GLUTEN-FREE BREAD: More than 100 Artisan Loaves for a Healthier Life" by Ellen Brown

What's in your bread? Gluten? that's OK unless your body can't tolerate it...and some people opt to take gluten out of their diet.

Do you know what Gluten is? It's what's formed when some of the proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley get wet. (from the introduction of the book) People that have a natural reaction to gluten can not tolerate gluten and it causes health issues.

I see more and more products in the grocery store claiming to be gluten free, and I am sure they are gluten free, but what additives are in those processed foods that your body doesn't need? My youngest daughter bakes her own bread with almond flour and other non-gluten ingredients. Home baked goods smells so good!

Know what ingredients are in your bread and get baking with GLUTEN-FREE BREAD: More than 100 Artisan Loaves for a Healthier Life by Ellen Brown, founding food editor of USA Today.

Do you know or have health issues with buying store bought breads that contain gluten? This cookbook makes a nice Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one.  To read more about the book go here: Gluten-Free Bread: More than 100 Artisan Loaves for a Healthier Life  

In the book there are 100 recipes for everyday breads for your sandwiches, multi grain varieties, quick breads and more. Skip the store shelf wheat flour and bake your own breads, muffins, flat breads, rolls, and bagels.

This book is full of easy to understand and make recipes with photos. Chapter 1 goes over the basics for your pantry to keep on hand. On page 225 there is a recipe for Traditional English Dried Currant Scones with ingredients such as white rice flour, tapioca flour, and of course currants. Doesn't that sound tasty on a cold winter day accompanied by a hot cup of tea or coffee if you prefer. I like the breakfast choices, like Maple Walnut Breakfast Rolls made with real maple syrup-sold!

"GLUTEN-FREE BREAD author Ellen Brown, founding food editor of USA Today, has developed precise combinations of protein-packed soy and bean flours with yeasts and all-natural baking aids to recreate the familiar flavors of conventional bread."

Disclosure: I received a copy of Gluten Free Bread from Running Press. The comments and views are my own. 

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