Give your medicine chest a check up with homeopathic proudcts from Boiron.

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There are many choices in pain relief on the store shelf, so how do you know which medicine is the best for your body?  I am a label reader, so that's where I would begin to look for the best choice. When I read the label and see ingredients that are un-natural or known to be harmful I put the product back on the shelf.

What did I find on the shelf I bought?
I've been using Arnicare® from Boiron for about a year. I use it for lower back pain.  I found this product at my local drug store a while ago. I don't know if it the store always carried it or it was a new product for them, but the thing that caught my eye was that it was a pain reliever that works naturally with our bodies. Sold. Arnica Gel is a homeopathic medicine and is Paraben free.

Arnicare Gel by Boiron: visit

What I like about Arnicare, Arnica Gel:

Homeopathic Medicine.
Available in most drug stores.
Reasonably priced.
Easy to apply.

Works naturally
Absorbed quickly
Non greasy
Paraben free
Sells for around $9.99 for a 2.6 ounce tube.
Active ingredient is Arnica Montana, a natural ingredient.

You can use Arnicare for your neck, back, shoulder, muscle pain and stiffness, swelling from injuries, and bruising. I have used Arnica gel for my back and for bruising. To use, apply a thin layer of Arnica Gel to the affected area up to three times daily. Apply the gel as soon as you can after minor injuries. (note, this is not medical advice of any kind. please see your doctor for serious or persistent pain)

Boiron has homeopathic medicine for colds, coughs, and flu like symptoms. See the complete line at  and look for the coupon near the bottom of the page.

The Boiron company has been making homeopathic medicine since 1932

More homeopathic medicines form Borion:

Oscillococcinum®,  for cold and flu season:

Oscillo by Boiron: visit


Use for flu-like symptoms.
Body Aches
No side effects.
No drug interactions.
works naturally with your body.

Chestal® Honey Cough Syrup:

Multi-Symptom formula
Use for Chest Congestion
Use for: Dry and Productive Cough
Non drowsy
Dye Free
No drug interactions.
Works naturally with your body.

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Disclosure: I received products from Boiron for this post. The comments and views are my own.


  1. I've tried that Chestal cough medicine and love it!! We have to be careful the meds we take due to prescriptions we're on, so I love finding some that work well. Great post - tweeted!

    1. I am glad you've tried it. We haven't needed it yet! crossing fingers.

  2. I want to try the Oscillococcinum®. I am a firm believer in hompathic medicine. I felt a cold coming on and took a different brand. I never got sick but my husband did. He started take the same meds and got better faster

    1. I'm liking it better myself! great for the whole family. thanks for commenting.

  3. Replies
    1. they do, and more than I knew about!. thanks for commenting.

  4. I would like to try the Oscillococcinum, I hate taking traditional medicine and dont like giving it to my family. I am so happy there is an alternative.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I live in Florida and get a lot of insect bites, I would love to try Calendula Gel to ease the itch and irritation of those bites and rashes.

    1. oh no! insect bites and rashes are very itchy. I know all too well.

  7. Love safe products for my family!

  8. Always a plus when you have Boiron Products on hand!

    1. true! taking another look at what's inside our med cabinet and going homeopathic as much as we can.

  9. Replies
    1. good for this time of year for sure. thanks for reading and commenting.



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