How about some arm candy for Valentine's day from Joseph Nogucci. The limited edition Patronus Bracelet is now on sale.

Back in just in time for Valentine's Day or any day you want to make special is the charming and charm filled bracelet from Joseph Nogucci, The Patronus Bracelet. It was so popular at Christmas time it sold out quickly, back in stock and now on sale for only $29 from it's regular price of $49 and free shipping too. If you or someone you know is a fan of the famous wizard books, then this might be the perfect gift for them.

The Patronus Bracelet is easy to wear and adjust with the pull of the strings near the lightning blot charm. Wear it with any outfit, to any event, or day to day. Don't you just love the colors and the charms! Each charm and crystal represent something from the wizardly story sure to bring joy to any fan of the story.
A description of the bracelet:

"Inspired by one of the most famous wizards in the magical world, we’ve collected recognizable pieces of his story to bring you this awesome Patronus Bracelet. Adorned with the symbol of the three brothers to protect and bring strength, this fascinating wrist piece features the lightning bolt that started it all. Ruby red crystals complement the black nylon braiding and keep the Philosopher's Stone close at hand. And how could we forget about the Quaffle. Also represented are two green-eyed silver owl charms to characterize our wizard's loyal feathered companion, and little Pigwidgeon.
Black beads with silver stars bring invisibility a whole new meaning.

Last but not least, at the forefront of this magical piece of arm candy is a sparkly golden crystal shamballa with silver dangling wings representing the fast and elusive game-winning snitch."

The Patronus Bracelet comes in a drawstring pouch with a certificate of authenticity. The pouch is perfect for gift presentation and for storage. Hurry and order today since this is such a popular bracelet and is a limited edition. See the full line from Joseph Nogucci with photos, descriptions, and ordering information on their web site.
Disclosure: I received the Patronus Bracelet in order to write this post. The comments and views are my own.

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