Cheerios® has gone to the dark side, the dark side of Chocolate Multi-Grain Cheerios®

How long have your children been eating Cheerios®?
My kids started eating Cheerios® as soon as they could feed themselves after all, Cheerios® makes the perfect finger food.  At that time in my children's lives I sent away for the iconic Cheerios® shaped container from a promotion.  I was able to get several of the containers from all the boxes of Cheerios I purchased.
You can still purchase the Cheerios® container. Look for them in your grocery store.
The containers are great for on the go or at home feeding. 

Cheerios® still has a home in our pantry since those toddler years.  It's one of my very favorite cereals.
We added a new flavor of Cheerios® to the pantry shelf: New Cheerios Dark Chocolate Muti-Grain Crunch.   

How does it taste? Very good! I did think it was going to taste a bit too chocolaty, but it's a nice blend of the dark chocolate and multi-grain. Not too sweet, kinda just the right amount of sweet.
The kids can drink the leftover milk at the bottom of the bowl because it turns into chocolate milk!

New Multi Grain Cheerios®  Dark Chocolate Crunch is made with 5 whole grains and is made with real cocoa. It's naturally flavored too. 

Grab a coupon for your next purchase here: Cheerios® website -
Cheerios® Facebook - Print out a coupon for buy one get one free here: Limited time offer. 

Disclosure:  General Mills provided me with the  Multi Grain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch and information. The comments and views are my own. 

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