Day 6 of USA in a day

Disclosure: this is a non sponsored, non compensated post. It is not a review either.

Day #6

Intro: I am on a hunt for things in my home that are made in the USA.
Each day I will try to post an item or two from my house.
Why? To support companies that are in my country.
Take a second and look at the product or item you are using and see where it is made.

This week I have been hanging paper shamrocks on our windows in celebration of Saint Patrick's Day. Although the paper shamrocks are not made in USA, (I'll have to research for a company) the tape, however is made in USA. 

Each floor of our house has a Scotch tape dispenser in a desk or drawer that I use weekly. I know, how much tape can we use? It's not one of those things I think about!  Anyway, one year my mom gave my sister and I a Scotch tape dispenser like one would keep on their desk. I found it so handy I bought one for the kids and the kitchen.

I wonder if 3M gives tours?

We have a wrapping counter in the basement and at Christmas time if two people are wrapping gifts we don't have to share the tape since I have a couple dispensers on the counter. It makes the wrapping task a bit faster.

I buy one brand of tape, no exceptions. Scotch brand tape made by Minnesota, Mining and Manufacturing company. The company is better known as 3M. I have an old tin of my grandmother's that housed tape and a newer commemorative tin that I keep a spare roll of tape inside.

What is your favorite brand of tape, and where is it made?