Enter for your chance to win a trip to Jerusalem in THE JERUSALEM CHALLENGE

National Geographic Entertainment along with Hebrew University of Jerusalem in support of the film JERUSALEM is giving residents of USA and Canada a chance to share their ideas on how people of the world can all live together. Your belief and background may differ from your neighbor, but how do you get along? How would the all the people of the world get along in your mind?

The JERUSALEM CHALLENGE wants to know what your idea is on how people can get along in this world. How can people of different  backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs all get along? Share idea for your chance to win a trip to Jerusalem.
"The grand prize winner in each of two age categories is a trip for two to Jerusalem and $2,500 to put toward the work already being done by the winner or to help make the winning idea a reality. One of the trips will be provided by Nat Geo Expeditions." 
How to enter:

submit your application to JERUSALEM'S facebook page here:  
http://facebook.com/jerusalemthemovie. Find complete rules and details of the contest on the facebook page also.

About the film:
"Filmed for the first time in 3D for IMAX® and Giant Screen theaters, JERUSALEM immerses audiences into one of the world's most beloved cities. Discover why this tiny piece of land is sacred to three major religions, representing over half the world’s population, through the stories of Jewish, Christian and Muslim families who call Jerusalem home. Join renowned archaeologist, Dr. Jodi Magness, as she travels underground to solve some of this city’s greatest mysteries. Find out why, after thousands of years, Jerusalem and the Holy Land continue to stir the imagination of billions of people. Unprecedented access to the city's holiest sites cherished by billions, as well as rare and breathtaking aerial footage of the Old City, combine to make JERUSALEM a unique and stunning cinematic experience."

Join JERUSALEM in their social circles and to find a theater near you showing the film visit them here:

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