Book review of GLUTEN-FREE PASTA, More than 100 Fast and Flavorful Recipies with Low and No Carb Options By Robin Asbell

Do you need to avoid gluten or just want to avoid gluten in your diet?  If your answer is yes, take a look at GLUTEN-FREE PASTA, More than 100 Fast and Flavorful Recipes with low- and No Carb Options by author Robin Asbell (running Press March 2014).

Robin is a private chef, freelance writer and recipe developer. If you want your pasta and eat it too, but need to cut out gluten, what do you do? In GLUTEN FREE-PASTA there are more than 100 satisfying recipes for fresh home made pasta, Asian rice based noodles, and gluten free boxed brands worth trying. 

Did you know that the noodle is traced back to China where the noodles were made from millet-which is gluten free! 

 In her book, Robin Asbell approaches pasta in three ways: 
  • with recipes for homemade fresh pastas 
  • recommendations for store-bought brands
  •  veggie "pasta" that serve as guilt free stand-ins.

In this recipe book, you'll find traditional Italian pasta favorites and Asian noodle soups, pasta bakes, and wheat. flour-free appetizers for party time. Look over chef Robin Asbell gluten-free diet recipes such as Potato Gnocchi, Cacio e Pepe, Spinach and Chev re-Filled Jumbo tortellini, Chinese Beef and Broccoli Noodles, Fast Pha, Veggie Lasagna , and Spicy Kimchi-Spiked Mac and Cheese and start making a gluten free meal. 

The book has easy to read and understand recipes for sauces, appetizers, hot and cold noodles and pasta, and  soups. The entire book is laid out well, has tempting looking photos, and offers a guide to what gluten is,and why some people need or want to avoid gluten.

In the book Robin explains the reasons why people turn to a gluten free diet:
  • Celiac Sprue - genetically inherited disease
  • wheat allergies - an immune response to wheat and gluten
  • parents of children with Autisim  or ADHD  that remove this from children's diet have reported better behavior
  • athletes insist it helps their performance
  • Some people can not tolerate the genetic changes of wheat over the years

Make your pasta or noodle dishes delicious and gluten free with recipes from the book, GLUTEN-FREE PASTA where chef Robin Asbell offers the Ultimate in Gluten-Free comfort food. 

 Robin Asbell  is the author of several health food cookbooks, including The New Whole Grains Cookbook, Big Vegan, and Sweet and Easy Vegan. She speaks frequently on whole food and whole grain topics. She resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
Visit Robin on her web site  
and visit Running Press's blog Off the Menu.

Price $20.00 USA dollars
Available now from Running Press
ISBN 978-0-7624-4967-5

Disclosure: I received a copy of Gluten Free Pasta for this post from Running Press. 
The comments and views are my own.

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