Day #10 of USA in a day, paper cut outs for holidays

Disclosure: this is a non sponsored, non compensated post, it's a sharing post.

Day 10   (to see what I found on days 1-9 go to the USA in a day tab)

Intro: I am on a hunt for things in my home that are made in the USA. 
Each day I will try to post an item or two from my house.
Why? To support companies that are in my country. 
Take a second and look at the product or item you are using and see where it is made.

Here is one of those times a tweet gets picked up by a company that supports what's behind the tweet. One of my USA in a day tweets got a response from Nortons USA (, so I checked them out. They are a general store that sells products made in America.

I had just written a post about Scotch tape from 3M and the shamrocks I hung on the windows. ( the shamrocks were not made in USA or Ireland) 

I found out that Nortons sold decorations!!! They weren't even responding with that info- just saying thanks for supporting products made in USA.
I ordered new Saint Patrick's Day Decorations right away. I also ordered some for upcoming holidays. The simpleness and nostalgia of paper decorations get me every time.

Nortons USA was easy to order with, fast shipping, and great customer service. (Remember this is a non sponsored/compensated post)

Here is my order:


I gotta say I'm excited about these Halloween decorations because that's my fav holiday. 

Decorate your house or classroom with products from and support your fellow American workers.