A cookbook with a stories, SLICES OF LIFE: A Food Writer Cooks Through Many a Conundrum by Leah Eskin

Leah Eskin wrote the column "Home on The Range" in the Chicago Tribune, and now has a book available this April, "Slices of Life" The book is a collection of her columns with over 200 recipes like her romantic lemon tart to chocolate chip parenting and post-cancer paella. 

SLICES OF LIFE: A Food Writer Cooks Through Many a Conundrum

The book is a cookbook with stories, not just mix, blend or bake, but why and how the meals came to be.  The first recipe in the book is "Night Tart". The author shares how to make the tart and then how to share it with your sweetheart under the star filled night sky, and then turn the page to read on through the book of recipes with stories of her life and family life. 

There is a recipe from their vacation called "Beach House Spaghetti" with a story of their beach house rental and the rain filled days stuck inside. The name of the recipe just sounds like more than a plateful of spaghetti don't you think?

When I think back on meals or dishes I have made for holidays, school days, or parties there are certain foods I make for those events. I'm not sure they all have a story with them, but it's fun to read the stories attached to the recipes in "Slices of Life". Food isn't just for filling your body, it's for filling your soul. 

Her Cheerful Risotto recipe is made for her friend who has been up all night giving birth, so she brings dinner and brownies to her in friendship. A warm hearty meal followed by chocolate brownies-that sounds like a good friendship to me.

The book reads like a novel, with stories of life, family, work, travel, and events,  but can also be a reference book. The recipes in the book can be found listed in the index. It's not a usual cookbook with just recipes, but a book with life experiences and the food that went along with them. 

Leah Eskin recipes are mom doable, with easy to understand instructions, and  ingredient lists you don't have to shop at a gourmet food market to find. There are easy to prepare weeknight meals, birthday cakes, meals for loved ones, celebration foods, and finding foods everyone will enjoy. 

About the book:
Running Press; April 2014
$26.00 US/$29.00 CAN
ISBN: 9780762452705
E-book ISBN: 9780762453139

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"For nearly a decade, Leah Eskin has been serving up chronicles of everyday life, along with mouthwatering recipes, to the readers of her “Home on the Range” column in the Chicago Tribune. Now she has whipped up Slices of Life, a collection of her columns covering everything from her early married days to parenting adolescents—and everything in between. From “Best Friend Biscuits” to “Recovery Paella” to “Sullen Child Oatmeal Squares,” there’s always a recipe to cope with life’s sticky situations: the dinner party gone awry, the mortifying soccer match, the house guest who eats nothing, the teenager who won’t listen. She tells the story of family life through its ordinary disasters—and pleasures. Slices of Life is both a charming memoir told through food, and with more than 200 recipes, it’s also a delectable cookbook that will enchant anyone who appreciates the big and little moments of life."

Disclosure: I received a copy of SLICES OF LIFE: A Food Writer Cooks Through Many a Conundrum for this review. The comments and views are my own. 

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